• Live Fearlessly

    “Being vulnerable is the ultimate act of courage.”

    Brené Brown

    Your Breaking Point is really your

    Making Point!

    For the Woman Who “Has It All”

    • Do you have a great career or family, and yet sometimes wonder, ‘Is this all there is?’
    • Are you ‘put together’ on the outside, yet internally struggle with depression, anxiety, feelings of failure or being out of control?
    • Are you struggling to find meaningful connections with friends and loved ones, or more importantly, yourself?

    In a world where the narrative of “having it all” is often glamorized, many women find themselves wearing a mask of resilience and success. Beneath this tough exterior, however, lies a spectrum of untold struggles, emotional battles, and the silent pressure of perfection. At EmpowHer Counseling, we see beyond the facade. We understand the courage it takes to show vulnerability, to admit that “having it all” doesn’t equate to feeling fulfilled, content, or even happy. Here, we offer a sanctuary for women who navigate the complexities of modern womanhood, providing support, understanding, and strategies to not just cope, but thrive.

    Why EmpowHer Counseling?

    EmpowHer Counseling is rooted in the belief that every woman possesses an inner strength that, when unlocked, can transform her challenges into channels of growth and empowerment. Our mission is to guide you through uncovering this strength, fostering resilience, and redefining what “having it all” means to you on your own terms.

    With expertise in women’s mental health and a passion for helping women navigate life’s challenges, our licensed therapists offers a compassionate, understanding, and tailored approach to counseling. Specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and strength-based techniques, we are committed to supporting you in your journey towards healing and self-discovery.

    About Tobi Brenner

    My name is Tobi Brenner. Thank you for visiting EmpowHer Counseling. I am the founder of EmpowHer Counseling, as well as the primary therapist in the practice. If you are here, it’s because you are looking for something specific, which I believe we can offer.

    I am a Denver based counselor who grew up in a family that instilled in me a strength and sense of independence I will be forever grateful for. Both parents encouraged me (strongly, I might add) to always make sure I was able to take care of myself. Even with that level of support and encouragement, I’ve had my challenges. Career dissatisfaction, the illness and death of my beloved father, lifelong weight cycling and choosing to focus on career vs. children and family, have presented me with a variety of battles throughout my life.

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