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    Meet Tobi

    My name is Tobi Brenner. Thank you for visiting EmpowHer Counseling. I am the founder of EmpowHer Counseling, as well as the primary therapist in the practice. If you are here, it’s because you are looking for something specific, which I believe we can offer. 

    I am a Denver based counselor who grew up in a family that instilled in me a strength and sense of independence I will be forever grateful for. Both parents encouraged me (strongly, I might add) to always make sure I was able to take care of myself. Even with that level of support and encouragement, I’ve had my challenges. Career dissatisfaction, the illness and death of my beloved father, lifelong weight cycling and choosing to focus on career vs. children and family, have presented me with a variety of battles throughout my life.

    My undergraduate degree is in business and I spent the first 20+ years of my career in corporate business, via IT consulting, Business Operatins and Human Resources. Ultimately, I became known as the “relationship girl,” due to my ability to relate to people, understand their needs, and build open, trusting relationships. I have been fortunate enough to foster these skills into a rewarding and fulfilling career and therapy practice.

    I entered the counseling field in order to share the power of therapy. My personal experience in therapy has been life altering and I aspire to pay it forward. I am passionate about helping others, particularly women who may be looking for something more, whether depression, anxiety, career challenges, struggling in traditional gender roles, difficult family dynamics, feeling connected to your partners, children or loved ones, or living a more meaningful life.

    Unveiling Strength, Embracing Vulnerability

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